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What we do

Red Osmosis offers its clients strategic planning, specifically in the branding and marketing area. We offer our business clients, non-for-profit entities or individual entrepreneurs comprehensive services of brand strategy and brand management, including corporate imaging, sponsorship, event management and marketing campaigns especially suited for the foreign corporation, cultural organization or philanthropic foundation.

We enrich our clients’ business organizations by an osmosis of appropriate cultural images, content and language to the business' public face, the absorption, in effect, of a new series of symbols and messages that re-positions the business, redesigns its brand, connects it to a new audience, and simultaneously deepens and enriches the business' purpose and mission.

Conversely, we design the application of business concepts, models and methods to cultural organizations, endowing them with efficiency and effectiveness by an osmosis of strategies and techniques from the worlds of advertising, marketing, and business administration.

The cross fertilization of the worlds of business and the arts could be most successful when two organizations, one in each sphere, are coupled to complete each other, with imagery, messages and symbols (positioning, exclusivity, excellence, craftsmanship) imparted to the commercial entity from its association with the cultural one, and funding, fundraising and donor support, administrative and organizational support, flowing in the other direction.

The strategy can involve the creation of special events that would be part of an overall strategy for a beneficiary associated organization or a product introduction, again most likely involving the coupling of a cultural and business entity.