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57 Prince St, Suite 2F

New York, NY 10012

Who we are

Bridging the cultural space where the arts, commerce, and philanthropy intersect, we devise nuanced approaches to realizing the goals of commercial, institutional, and artistic ventures. Sensitive to shifting cultural winds, we harness their power to help shape new images or identities of corporate, institutional, or artistic undertakings.

Our Red Team of specialists, associates and consultants, will penetrate each situation to assess its weaknesses so we can identify areas of improvement and effect change. The Red Team
challenges preconceived notions, and serves to elucidate the problems and to find the right solution.



Elena Siyanko moves easily between the worlds of the arts and business. With a background in financial services consulting, where she specialized in marketing and branding, she later served as a producer, fundraiser, and CEO of several non-profit cultural institutions, including Bard College and Monadnock Music, a 40-year old festival known for pioneering music of American composers. She currently serves as Director of Advancement Initiatives at the Clark Art Institute. Elena earned an MA in Arts Administration at Columbia University and later studied at Columbia University's Business School. She holds a B.A. in Asian Studies from Mount Holyoke College.