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Mariinsky New Horizons and John Cage's Guide to the Mushrooming of Music in New York

Red Osmosis  produced and served as agent for programs of American modern music at the Mariinsky’s New Horizons Festival. The festival was curated by the four time Grammy-nominated pianist Alan Feinberg, one of the most important interpreters of American modern
music, and included a number of high-profile artists, most notably the cellist Fred Sherry.

The eclectic program selected to sample this innovative period will include works by Feldman, Babbitt, Crawford, Seeger, Wuorinen, Session and Stravinsky.

In the decades after WWII, the New York music scene witnessed an explosion of new compositional ideas, activities and personalities.  Performers  and audiences eagerly faced new technical and aesthetic challenges, and there was an engaged and enthusiastic reception for 'new music', allowing it to burgeon despite the skeptical or downright negative reaction from some members of the music world.  This program represents some of that period’s luminaries.  They all knew and interacted with each other - sometimes as close friends, sometimes as barely tolerant colleagues. Ruth Crawford is the exception to this characterization.  She was an extraordinary, pioneering composer who abandoned her serious composition for many years.  The fact that one of her most influential teachers was a student of Scriabin provided an appropriate link to this program, though she was really a generation ahead and not strictly part of the New York scene. The program offers a wide range of musical styles and compositional ideas. The short Stravinksky piece is included to reflect the enormous influence his contrapuntal and twelve tone writing had on some of these composers.  There is no doubt that any one of these composers could themselves be the focus of a music festival, as they have all produced extensive oeuvres of powerful music.

CONCERT PROGRAM included: Ruth Crawford Seeger - Prelude #9 Study in Mixed Accents (arranged); John Cage from 6 Melodies for violin and piano; Milton Babbitt - Group of short piano pieces; Robert Helps - Nocturne for String Quartet; Mario Davidovsky - Synchronism #9 for Violin and Tape; After intermission: Morton Feldman - Intersection (1953) for magnetic tape; The Viola in My Life (part 3); Igor Stravinsky - Double Canon; Roger Sessions -Canons for String Quartet  (these canons are grouped together); Charles Wuorinen - Piano Quintet #1. PERFORMERS: Piano- Alan Feinberg; Cello Fred Sherr