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Specially curated weekend of a Farm-to-Table Dinner followed by a world-class concert or ballet performance

We aspire to present curated experiences, for the mind and for the body. People like to be nourished by whimsy, conversation and ideas. A simple top-chef experience is just not enough.

Something more transformative, akin to an "ideal Platonic dialogue", a conversation on a relevant topic of the day, with top speakers from academia or the arts, is what we might strive to produce: evenings of fine discussion and dining. Gather your colleagues and friends for a curated event that includes facilitated discussions of major issues in politics, the arts, and ethics, coupled with fine dining in a gracious setting.

An example of a fully-curated experience we produced in August in the Hudson Valley: we chose a scenic location in an early 19th century mansion that was converted to a bed-and-breakfast, found an exclusive chef-farm owner, designed the menu, programmed daily activities, such as sailing on the Hudson, swimming, touring historic sites and concluding with a superb classical music experience at the world-famous Frank Gehry-designed Fisher Center at Bard College.