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Merce Cunningham Legacy Tour, Moscow (The International Chekhov Festival; Garage Center for Contemporary Art; National Center for Contemporary Art/Pioneer Cinema)

Red Osmosis served as artist agent who brought together five different cultural institutions in Moscow to host a week-long performances and educational activities.

The U.S. Department of State sponsored Merce Cunningham Dance Company's first-ever engagement in Russia, during its final, two-year Legacy Tour. The performances were presented by the International Chekhov Festival in Moscow June 14-16, 2011.

In Moscow, MCDC performed three landmark Cunningham works that showcased his unique creative vision and the artistic collaborations that characterized his career: BIPED (1999), a Cunningham masterpiece that employs motion-capture technology as décor; XOVER (2007), the penultimate collaboration between Cunningham, John Cage, and Robert Rauschenberg; and the world premiere of the revival of RainForest (1968), a piece danced amidst Andy Warhol's installation Silver Clouds.

Garage Center for Contemporary Art Cunningham Family Day - a movement workshop for children and their families, inspired by Merce Cunningham technique and chance methods of Cage/Cunningham. Under the guidance of Robert Swinston, Cunningham Director of Choreography and Kevin Taylor, Company Manager participants created their own dance "events" based on their observations of movement, time and their surroundings (photo credits Family Day: Grigory Burtsev).

A Tribute to Merce Film Series showcasing film dances from the Cunningham archive, including Summerspace (1958) and Interscape (2000) by Charles Atlas, Beach Birds for Camera (1993) by Elliot Caplan, and Merce by Merce by Paik (1973) by Nam June Paik. Presented by the National Centre for Contemporary Arts at the PionerCinema; Classes in Cunningham Technique® and repertory workshops as part of TsEKh's (Centre for Contemporary Dance and Performance in Moscow).